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If you’d like to speak about what happened to you, please call or email Kimberly’s lawyer, Rob Miller.


Update: The trial in Kimberly’s case ended last week. And as is sometimes the case, the result was not what we had hoped for. The jury found the chef sexually assaulted Kimberly, but failed to assign blame to American Airlines.


But American wanted to silence Kimberly and in that regard it failed. And it will continue to fail because she and we will not be silent.


And that leads to our next update.


Kimberly’s legal team is asking the court for a new trial based on something they found after the verdict came back.


In any civil case, the jurors are asked to answer a number of questions. And before they do, the two sides and the court agree on what the questions will be and how they will be worded.


In this case, the judge agreed to remove a portion of one question because it was not what the law says. But when that question found its way to the jury room for deliberation, somehow the offending portion reappeared.


That matters because the question is the one the jurors later said stumped them.


We’re including a graphic so you can see what we mean and a copy of the motion for new trial. We’ll keep you posted. Read more here.

The #MeToo Truth About American Airlines

Kimberly Goesling has spent more than 30 years as a flight attendant. She’s one of the best at what she does.

American Airlines recognized that and gave her special duties, including a trip to Europe to develop – along with a celebrity chef – a special menu.

American knew the chef had problems with women and alcohol, but hired him anyway. And one night, airline managers fueled him up with alcohol and gave him Kimberly’s hotel room number.

The resulting sexual assault has changed her life. Forever.

We created this page because we know there are others like her, other American Airlines flight attendants, other employees who similarly were harmed. And who, like Kimberly, were blackballed, fired or threatened with termination if they spoke about it.



Exclusive First Interview with
Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson hosts exclusive first interview with American Airlines flight attendant Kimberly Goesling as she steps forward to reveal American Airlines alleged complicity in her sexual assault case.

Hear Kimberly in Her Own Words

Kimberly Goesling originally filed her case as “Jane Doe.” Then later, she decided she had nothing to hide, that it was American that should hide from its bad acts. Listen to her tell her story about the sexual assault and what American Airlines did after it happened.

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